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Introduction to your digital camera

This course is designed for the novice who wants to learn the basics of their digital camera without being overwhelmed by the depth of the material. It is meant to help familiarize you with your camera and to understand many of the modes and features available on it. All digital camera types are welcome, from the simplest point and shoot to the most complicated DSLR. Expect a hands-on approach. This 4 week ten-hour course includes the book “Introduction to your digital camera” written by the instructor. Ensure your camera is fully charged.

Digital DSLRs and CSCs

This course is designed to provide a firm foundation in photography to the student who is interested in learning both about using their digital SLR / CSC camera and how to take better photographs. A hands on approach is used in this 20 hour, 8 week course to teach the student about the major features of their camera and about lens and flash variations and use. Technique and application are emphasized to help develop a concrete practical understanding. Expect to learn about depth of field, shutter speed, aperture and shutter priority, fill flash, white balance, ISO, and many more pivotal photography concepts. Assignments are given and the book “Digital DSLRs and CSCs ”, written by the instructor is included. Students must bring a DSLR or CSC camera to class; bringing the camera’s manual is suggested.


Photoshop CC

Photoshop is the standard pixel editing program used by both professionals and amateurs alike for working with photos.  Whether making minor adjustments or major revisions, this is the program you need to know to advance your skills and improve your photos to the next level.  The course is designed for the digital photographer and examines many of the features related to photography.  Topics include many of the key tools (such as crop, select, and move), some of the filters (sharpen, blur, and shadow), layer manipulation, colour, and printing basics.  A must have course.  If you use Photoshop Elements, you will find that this course will improve your ability to work with this very popular application as well.  The book, “Photoshop CS 6 Guidebook”, written by the instructor is included.

Advanced Photography Course

The course involves examining exposure, using peripherals such as flash, professional strobes, and light meters, and understanding the more complicated aspects of your camera not covered in the DSLR course.  We will be using mostly manual exposure mode for our work and study.  The student should possess an advanced digital SLR or film SLR camera.  Students must be comfortable with basic photography concepts; we will not be doing a significant amount of review.   The book “Advanced Photography”, written by the instructor, is included.

Photography for Birders (and other wildlife enthusiasts)

A recent course designed for birders (people who are enthusiastic about watching and photographing birds) - it also addresses issues pertinent to those who would photography wildlife of all kinds.  The course is 10 hours divided over five nights and covers equipment, strategies, technique, and methodology required for success.  The colour book, “Photography for Birders”, written by the author is included.

Macro Photography

The book and course content are being revised.  It will be offered in the Fall of 2019.

Out in Maple Ridge with Eric

Watch for field trips into the local environment with Eric.  Common places include the Lower Falls at Golden Ears Provincial Park, Jerry Sulina Park, and Pitt Polder Wildlife Reserve.

Custom Instruction

Custom Instruction as a one on one or as a group is possible; Contact Eric to arrange a date and time.  I charge $40.00 / hr with a 2 hour minimum call out.

All courses designed and taught by Eric Svendsen