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    Each blog link takes you to posts I have made on the blogger website. Clicking on the link will take you to the latest blog. The right side of the page lists recent and archived blogs.

    Before and after: These are blogs on pairs of photos where there is some difference between the two. Differences can be done in camera or through post processing.

    Birds, photographing birds, and more birds: I am an avid birder and have a passion for photographing my feathered friends. There are lots of tips and techniques given, plus a certain amount of wimsy.

    Landscape photograpy: One of my passions is hiking and visiting wild places. The phots here represent both my passion for photography and love of the outdoors.

    Macro photography: As a biologist I have always appreciated life. The fascination with the deminuitive has helped me to hone my skills as a macro-photographer. I have lots of fun writing about some of my finds.

    People: I suspect this is true for most of you; people are important to you. In this blog I reflect on individuals I have met and things I have learned.

    Wildlife; animals with backbones: In my travels I have opportunity to come across animals, both wild and domestic. I share some of my shots and have some fun in the process.

    Thank you for visiting my website.