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Photography for Birders

(and other wildlife enthusiasts)

Written in 2018, this book is designed to help wildlife enthusiasts improve their shooting skills.  There are 76 pages, 115 full colour photos, and 6 chapters covering important aspects of photo-graphing wildlife.  All wildlife photos were shot by Eric Svendsen; hints and tips are garnered from his experience gleaned from over 40 years of shooting.

All books written by Eric Svendsen

Advanced Photography

Written in 2014, this book is designed to augment the course that is taught by the same name.  It has 6 chapters and 85 pages; it is dedicated to helping the mid level photographer improve his or her skill set and understanding of advanced practices.  The book covers full manual exposure mode, metering techniques, flash meters, and strobe set up for single, dual, and multi light systems.

Digital SLRs and CSCs

This has been my most popular book.  It takes the reader through all of the basic concepts of photography with a thorough treatment of exposure, composition, and all the core aspects of the modern digital camera.  The 8 chapters and 140 pages contain almost 200 photos and diagrams devoted to helping you understand and apply the material.  Consumers who have bought it have found it readable and informative.

Introduction to your

Digital Camera

A basic treatment of the digital camera; this book is appropriate for novice users who are overwhelmed by all the controls an terminology associated with their camera.  The four chapters are covered with 32 pages of simplified and easy to read material.  Meant for users of all digital camera types.

Photoshop CS 6 Guidebook

Written from the perspective of a photographer for those who would like to use Photoshop to alter, enhance, and utilize their images.  There are 10 chapters with 74 pages; there are 114 images which illustrate how to work with your pictures.  Tools, layers, Raw, Bridge, selection techniques, colour, and automation methods are all covered.  Although Cloud is now the standard, this book addresses many of the same features.  Written in 2016.

To order a book, email me at eric@ericspix.com with your order.  All prices are in Canadian Dollars.  I will get back to you with an invoice; mail me a cheque or money order and I will send you the book(s).