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A simplified guide to understanding the basic operations of an average digital camera, this book is also used in the course by the same name.

25 pages; $10.00

A detailed book covering what to do, how to do it, and why; this book is also used in the course by the same name.  It is a work book with blanks.

115 pages; $20.00

A book designed for people already comfortable with their cameras, this book takes you past what you already know into new territory. It is a workbook with blanks.

122 pages; $25.00

A lightly written book meant to convey many of the common terms and techniques in photography to children.  It is also very appropriate for anyone who finds themselves easily overwhelmed.  A workbook.

109 pages; $20.00

Written with the passion of loving the small and bizarre, this book covers many techniques and tips in the field of macro photography.  Equipment, lighting, capturing methods, and much more covered.

55 pages; $15.00

Other things for sale:

· Framed photos taken and signed by Eric Svendsen

· Unframed photos—I have many hundreds of photos which may be just what you are looking for.

· Any photo can be adjusted to have text on it which appeals to you.  Example include:

· Family name

· Bible verses

· Favourite sayings

· Used camera equipment — I occasionally sell off equipment as I am acquiring new articles.  I usually use Craigslist (Vancouver) or eBay.

· Custom cut mats

· Custom made wooden frames

· Custom prints of your own

· Photography courses (click here)