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Christmas Portraits page

For $75.00  I will come to your home with pro gear to photograph your family in your home environment.


What you get:

· Up to ˝ hour shooting time

· Up to 10 shots—best ones emailed for approval

· 1  8x10  enlargement of chosen shot* and

· 6  4x6’s  of chosen shot* or

   4  5x7’s  of chosen shot*

Family Portraits at Christmas

For the best results you should have a clean area (possibly decorated for Christmas) with lots of room for photographer.  It is suggested that the shooting area be as wide as possible and that there be 15 feet of clear room for photographer to move around in front of the shooting area.


*  From the shots taken one image will be chosen for printing.  That one image will be printed as an 8x10 and either 6  4x6 prints or 4  5x7 prints.  No altering agreement without incurring extra costs.


Other prints and enlargements may be ordered.  Images remain property of Eric Svendsen and Eric Svendsen Photography.